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About the Show

Dunham Business Radio was created in 2019 with a desire to offer the HUMAN perspective on business. Society has its social norms on their view of business topics - we want to be a breath of fresh air to the business arena...and our audience agrees as the show won the 2019 GREY BOWL SHOW OF THE YEAR by Fishbowl Radio Network.

The entrepreneurial spirit is what drives the USA, and current business owners have an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on the minds and hearts of our listeners. We can lead the way to embrace additional options outside of being an employee.

The Dunham Business Radio Show spotlights businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and BizKids who share their stories as it relates to their products, services, and/or personal business journeys while providing a platform where they can discuss business matters that they are passionate about. We have a higher calling to bring hope and inspiration back to our audience.

Previous shows can be viewed on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel, as well as on several podcast platforms around the world.

Located in Arlington, TX, the show has listeners throughout the US States and within 11 countries. Our Audience consists 95% of entrepreneurs and/or small business owners, with a 75/25% split (women/men). Each guest brings their "followers" to the show and demographics increase with each exposure, and evergreen replay. Over 125 entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profit organizers, and BizKids have been interviewed for the show since its inception two years ago. New shows are released every Monday at 6pm CT on Facebook and YouTube.

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